Tracy H. Parkin of Illuminating Information

Tracy H. Parkin
of Illuminating Information

I am the owner of Illuminating Information, which provides technical writing and usability design services. I believe that we can create useful, high-quality products in a timely way by using clear communication and thoughtful design. Therefore, my mission is to help clients clearly communicate a product from its inception to its rollout with an eye towards usability.

I have worked with a wide variety of companies to gather information and write:

  • • Use cases
  • • Requirement documents
  • • Functional specifications
  • • UI specifications
  • • Programmer’s guides
  • • End-user documentation and help systems
  • • White papers
  • • Training materials and simulations

My professional background includes usability engineering and I have a computer science degree, so I can provide my clients additional resources and knowledge without having to hire a separate contractor.

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